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      Main of Our Products

      Our cranes meet with your requirements, and secure your moving.
      Our Value
      World Leading Cranes
      Low headroom, space saving and high efficiency designing, visible monitoring and intelligent control, maintenance free and arts-making spirit,
      we have the confidence that we must be the right choice for any lifting application.
      Experience inheritance
      Lifting expert
      Manufacturing base
      China euro-style cranes leader
      Service offices
      Guarantee safe moving
      300+million yuan
      Annual value
      World leading cranes
      Study and introduce the European advanced management
      SAP's ERP
      ORIT Group proprietary intellectual property rights
      Super engineering software
      Exported to 21 countries
      Acquiring CE certificate etc.
      Our Core Technology

      Hoists & Winch

      Gear motor

      Electrical Control

      End Carriage

      Light-weighted Structure


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